Super Kart Wheels

Listed on these pages are the most commonly used wheels for Super Karts.  If you cannot find the wheel you are looking for here, try looking in the Sprint Kart Category

NOTE: In some countries due to the speed of the 250cc Karts, regulations require that wheels be drilled to hold 3 x 5mm retaining bolts which help to prevent the tyre from coming off the rim. 

We call this L/C - meaning Long Circuit

L/C   = Wheels are drilled on the outside edge only to hold 3x5m retaining bolts
L/C2 = Wheels are drilled both ends to hold 3x5mm retaining bolts on each end.

Not all the wheels have been photographed to include L/C or L/C2 on these pages, but the majority of the wheels can be made to include this. Please ask us if this is possible for the wheels you require.