Valhalla 360 Plus Device Item Details

Team Valhalla Racing is dedicated to providing safety equipment to the driver that is looking for the best possible safety equipment for his or her chosen form of racing.

The Armadillo Rib Vest is constructed of materials strategically placed in the vest, to absorb impacts to the driver’s body.The Armadillo has passed the testing criteria to meet the SFI 20.1 testing spec for approved chest protectors.

The 360 Plus Device was developed to replace the standard foam collar that many drivers wear while kart racing.The 360 Plus Device actually provides a robust platform for the helmet to engage and potentially reduce injury to a driver during a crash situation.

Following are detailed descriptions of these two items.

The 360 Plus Device is completely different approach to wearing a neck collar.

The injection moulded, glass reinforced nylon core piece, along with the firm chin foam parts, provide a stable platform for helping control the movement of a driver’s head when needed.

Major issues the 360 Plus Device helps limit is front and rear hyper-flexion, extreme lateral motion, and the relief of a compression load to the spinal column.
Frontal hyper-flexion is reduced by the front of the helmet coming into contact with the firm foam pieces of the Device under the driver’s chin. These components are constructed  of a foam that is much denser than the normal neck collar currently worn by drivers.

The vertical braces of the core piece, located behind the driver's helmet, helps control the rear hyper-flexion. The helmet coming into contact with the upper vertical brace, located directly behind the driver's head, reduces backward movement. This engagement then transfers the energy to the lower vertical brace located against the driver's back.

Extreme lateral motion of a driver's head is minimised when the helmet comes into contact with the Device. While not hindering the driver swivelling his/her head from side to side, the device provides a robust platform for the helmet to rest against as in a roll over situation.

Compression load is the amount of pressure and stress exerted on the spinal column due to an impact. The compression load on this part of the body is unloaded when the helmet comes into contact with the device. The energy is then transferred to the Device and then to the upper torso area of the driver.

This is all accomplished while still allowing the driver unrestricted rotation of the head to look over the shoulder for on-coming karts.

The 360 Plus Device is also designed to prevent the helmet from projecting over the edge of the Device and creating a fulcrum action.

The firm foam pieces under the chin of the driver are much stiffer than the foam used in other neck collars that are currently available to drivers now.

The denser foam allows for better control of the helmet movement. The 360 Plus Device is designed with foam parts in the front, verses plastic, to help minimise potential injury to the throat area if forced backward.

Designed break away feature.In the bizarre event that something should hook inside the Device, the 360 Plus Device is designed to break away so that the potential for serious neck injury is reduced.

The foam pieces are adjustable – laterally, front to rear – to adjust for the different chest thicknesses of drivers.

The 360 Plus Device weighs in at only 1.75 lbs.
All material components that make up the 360 Plus Device are manufactured in the United States.All assembly is done in the United States.