Smart Axle Tuner

The Smart Axle Tuner (SAT) is the Smart Way to tune your axle for any conditions!


The Smart Axle Tuners are suitable for 3mm, 2.5mm and 2mm wall thickness 40mm axles. They will help you tune your kart chassis to suit the track and conditions. By changing the stiffness and harmonic of the axle, it will vary the amount of cornering grip the kart has on the track.

The Smart Axle Tuners are designed to be used on both sides of the axle, but in certain circumstances it may be better to use only one Smart Axle Tuner on one side of the axle only.

Example of use: Early on race day the track is cooler, with less rubber on the track. We would suggest using the Smart Axle Tuners for more grip. As the weather warms up and more rubber accumulates on the track, you can move the Smart Axle Tuners toward the end of the axle.

Easy to install and remove.

The Smart Axle Tuners come in a pack (including instructions) with two tuners, a threaded extraction rod and nut and clips to hold the tuners in the axle.