Fun / Turf Wheels

We often get asked if we sell Tyres for Fun Karts - well yes we do!

Not allowed for normal go-kart racing, but for those of you who have built your own fun kart or hobby kart this may be what you are wanting.

Fun / Turf

These tyres are a high profile tyre to suit our 6' Diameter wheels for those who just want to enjoy and experience the bumps out in the bush or who have a dirt track to ride around on.

Wheels pictured here are: (from left to right)

F120-6 - 6' Diameter x 5' Wide Offset Front Wheel
R120-6 - 6' Diameter x 5' Wide Rear wheel

Tyres to suit these rims are:  15 x 6-6 Turf Style Tyre - also available from us.