Dirt Kart Wheels

Listed here are the most popular wheels for dirt racing, but any of our wheels are suitable.

The wheels we have listed on these pages are the 6" diameter Rear Wheels and some wheels in 5" and 6" diameter for the front.

If you cannot find the wheel you are looking for, try looking in the Sprint Racing category.

PLEASE NOTE: Speedway Application - By using wider or narrower rims with the same tyre, this will alter the circumference of the tyre - hence 'stagger' can be achieved.


Futura Style 5' Diameter x 117mm Wide Front Wheel. - 127mm - 117mm


5' Diameter x 5' (120mm) Wide Offset Front Wheel. - 130mm - 120mm


5' Diameter x 5' (120mm) Wide Super Offset Front Wheel.

The Super offset allows the rim to sit an extra 10mm (1cm) wider on the front track compared to that of an offset front wheel. - 130mm - 120mm


6' Diameter x 5' (120mm) Wide Offset Front Wheel. - 130mm - 120mm


6' Diameter x 5' Wide (120mm) Rear Wheel. - 130mm - 120mm


6' Diameter x 6' (150mm) Wide Rear Wheel. - 160mm - 150mm

R175-6 FUT

Futura Style 6' Diameter x 7' (175mm) Wide Rear Wheel. - 185mm - 175mm


6' Diameter x 8' (200mm) Wide Rear Wheel.

Please note that you are able to use an 8' or 9' wide tyre on this rim, depending on how you want the tyre to sit - eg: use 9' to have the tyre sit higher - 210mm - 200mm


Futura Style 6' Diameter x 8' (200mm) Wide Rear Wheel.

Commonly used with the 6x8 TX11 Burris Dirt Tyres. - 210mm - 200mm


6' Diameter x 9' (230mm) Wide Rear Wheel. 

This is an open web design - similar to that of the Futura. - 240mm - 230mm