Burris Tyres

We are the Australian Importer for these quality Burris Dirt Racing Tyres.

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Click on the link below to check out our Burris Tyre Circumference Comparisons chart.  This will give you an indication of how the Burris tyres sit on our different size rims.


Burris Tyres

Front Tyres:

 F6"  TX-11  11x5.5-6 
 F6"  TX-22  11x5.5-6
 F5"  K-21  11x5.0-5
 F5"  TX-11  11x5.5-5
 F5"  TX-22  11x5.5-5


Rear Tyres:

 R9x6"  QRC-22 12x9.00-6
 R9x6"  QRC-11 12x9.00-6 
 R9.5-6"  TX-11 11.50x9.50-6 
 R8x6"  K-21 12x8.00-6
 R8x6"  TX-11 12x8.00-6 
 R8x6"  TX-22 12x8.00-6 
 R8.5-6"  TX-11 11.50x8.50-6 
 R7-6"  TX-11 11.50x7.00-6 
 R7-5"  TX-11 11.00x7.00-6 


K-21 and TX-11 and QRC-11 : Soft Compound

TX-22 and QRC-22 : Medium / Hard Compound