About Edwards Kart Wheels

Situated in the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia - Edwards Wheels is a family business that supplies over 90% of the Australian kart wheel market and exports to 14 countries overseas.

From humble beginnings in 1981, proprietor Ross Edwards began manufacturing one piece quality aluminium kart wheels for his own personal use.  Fellow competitors noticed the quality and shine of Ross' wheels and requests started rolling in.

During 1985 at the Australian Formula One Grand Prix, overseas visitors were also impressed and word started reaching out to the four corners of the world.

We now manufacture numerous styles and sizes of wheels plus a large range of accessories and have gained a reputation for excellence, quality and reliability along the way.

All Wheels are cast from aluminium, heat treated to give extra strength, CNC Machined for a shiny finish using the latest technology and pressure tested for leaks.  Quality control is an area we pride ourselves on with every single wheel that we produce being hand checked before dispatch.

If you are looking for quality and style, here at Edwards Wheels we have something available to suit your requirements.  We manufacture wheels for all types of karts - Sprint, Hire/Rental karts, Dirt racing karts, Road Race karts (250cc) and also for light aircrafts.

All Export orders can be air freighted and delivered to anywhere in the world within a short period of time.

Our wheels are recognised in the top bracket of the karting market for quality and style and are available from major dealers throughout Australia and overseas.


PH: 0448 019 788
INT: +61 8 8347 1941

FAX: (08) 8347 0143
INT: +61 8 8347 0143

Email:  ed@edwardskartwheels.com.au